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Mindroid Academy is a one stop business solution for all your business needs. Our expert Team helps in right from setting up a company, getting it registered, LOGO creation, Branding, Marketing Set up, Manpower sourcing, Content creation, Digital Marketing, Branding, Social Media Promotions, Go to Market Strategies, Business Consulting, Training Programs, Coaching & Mentoring at all levels and other related services. We help organizations to solve issues, create value, maximize growth and improve business performance. We use our business skills to provide objective advice and expertise, and help an organization to develop any specialist skills that it may be lacking. We have an expert Team who have successfully turned around businesses/developed new models for sustainable growth/worked on improving productivity and so on.

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3 Week Challenge

7th Apr'22 to 27th Apr'22

5:00AM to 6:00AM 

Begin Your Transformation

3 Week Challenge

Early risers are winners. They choose purpose over laziness. They organize themselves better and have a disciplined lifestyle. Join and experience this Webinar which has changed the lives of 1500+ Action Takers. Please click below to reserve your seat to success NOW


A session with worksheets to fill that will help your mind to expand to new horizons. This program is bound to awaken your MIND better. Please click below to experience this wonderful program NOW.

Wisdom in 90 minutes

5 days intense session which addresses the issues faced by Entrepreneurs. This program will enable them to come up with solutions and empower them with a strategy to grow their business.


Teenage is that part of life where the child needs to be groomed better. Their aspirations need to be fuelled and their energy channelized for becoming a successful person.

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