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Mindroid Academy is a one stop business solution for all your business needs. Our expert Team helps in right from setting up a company, getting it registered, LOGO creation, Branding, Marketing Set up, Manpower sourcing, Content creation, Digital Marketing, Branding, Social Media Promotions, Go to Market Strategies, Business Consulting, Training Programs, Coaching & Mentoring at all levels and other related services. We help organizations to solve issues, create value, maximize growth and improve business performance. We use our business skills to provide objective advice and expertise, and help an organization to develop any specialist skills that it may be lacking. We have an expert Team who have successfully turned around businesses/developed new models for sustainable growth/worked on improving productivity and so on.

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“Live & Inspire” – Focuses on the behavioral changes needed in the Team to look at opportunities in a bigger perspective. A life changing program that would help Team members look at the larger picture.
“Sell Well” – Is the Kickass program that enables your Sales Team to develop and deliver that required result with razor sharp focus on execution and the sales techniques.
“Stepping Stone” – A thought out program to help 1st year students in the College find their roots and purpose. Focuses on Energy Management to ensure that the mindset is conditioned well in advance to face the adverse future.
“Raise the Bar” – In the middle of the college, choosing your career becomes vital to a blossoming future. This program helps to learn and develop the required skill set, seeds in mind of the student the caliber he has and to build on it.
“College to Culture” – Those lovely days come to an end and drive the grown up students to a new culture. A culture that they will imbibe forever. This program helps them with the tools to face the world starting from preparing for interviews to behavior at a work place.

“INSTACRAM” – A Teenager is the integral part of the society. They learn and develop new habits in this age. It is critical that they understand morals and values of life. This program focuses on the perspective the child should look at in becoming a better person. With 25 Children in a Group, it is a fun based learning where the Child evolves as a Leader in making.

“3 Week Challenge” – From a consistent effort and discipline, habits get formed. Such habits define a great person and differentiates them from rest of the world. 3 Week challenge helps anyone to shape up their thoughts into positive manner by making them to attend this class from 5AM to 6AM for a period of 3 week continuously.
“KALMTantra” – Is the high end program for Business owners/Top Executives that helps them recoup/refresh/rejuvenate to start looking things from a fresh angle and perspective.

“Wisdom In 90 Minutes” – 5 days intense session – Each day 90 Minutes which addresses the issues faced by Entrepreneurs. This program will enable them to come up with solutions and empower them with a strategy to grow their business.

About - Prasanna Venkatesan

Farmer | Entrepreneur | Executive Coach | Strategist | NLP Practitioner

Prasanna Venkatesan is a humanitarian and leading business coach, best known for helping industry leaders, entrepreneurs grow their businesses many folds through his private one to one business coaching.
His coaching technology combines modern day coaching with expert consulting and harnesses the latest understanding of human performance to deliver industry leading business results.
Over the last 20+ years his work has been embraced by many leaders, leading business institutions, associations, business owners and thousands of entrepreneurs around the country.
With an unparalleled understanding of people, business and the marketplace, he is known for helping turn-around businesses and delivering massive business growth for his premiere one-on-one coaching clients, organically.
Prasanna Venkatesan works with leading business owners, CEO’s, entrepreneurs and many leaders as their life and business strategist helping them get and stay ahead in today’s fast paced competitive business landscape.
His in-depth understanding of business, technology and talent coupled with his proprietary human performance technology based in neuroscience and human psychology help him most deeply understand and bring about the fastest and most lasting unparalleled transformations his discerning clients who need to consistently get and stay ahead in today’s volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous business environments.
Many businesses, business owners and entrepreneurs rely on Prasanna Venkatesan when it comes to achieving their most critical turnarounds or even speak at their most important events when nothing less than absolute world-class is expected. Prasanna Venkatesan speaks at numerous leading international and national events, conferences and private seminars to share his expertise on business, entrepreneurship and leadership helping audiences take away thought-provokingly meaningful and actionable strategies, tools, techniques and insights to help them achieve their greatest breakthroughs in their businesses fastest.
As a humanitarian he believes that sowing the seeds of awareness and empowerment in human minds are the keys to solving our greatest human challenges of today like poverty, unemployment and productivity. To enhance personal development, he conducts programs like 3 Week Challenge / KALMTantra & INSTACRAM. This is apart from the Signature Business Programs like Live & Inspire / Sell Well/Wisdom in 90 Minutes for Businesses & Stepping Stone / Raise the Bar & College to Culture for College Students.

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Our vision is to be the TOP Business consulting firm in India. Success to us is measured by the value we deliver to our clients, the quality of the input we give, the results our clients enjoy and the strength of our relationships. Core Values is the underlying principle on which our business culture is built and we strongly imbibe them in our daily walk of life. Our Business is to Grow our client’s business and we will not leave any stone unturned to make it happen. We will ensure growth through efficient and effective use of management Strategies, technologies, and tools in an ethical and smooth way.

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