About Us

Mindroid is your One stop solution for all your management needs. We help organisations to solve issues, create value, maximise growth and improve business performance. We use our business skills to provide objective advice and expertise, and help an organisation to develop any specialist skills that it may be lacking. We have an expert Team who have successfully turned around businesses/developed new models for sustainable growth/worked on improving productivity and so on..

What we do

Mindroid was started with an objective to help entrepreneurs steady their business and deliver consistent results. We at Mindroid, work to provide solutions to the client's changing business needs. The scope of engagement is highly variable and can include core strategy development, large scale implementation, process optimization, change management, and new technology introduction.

After extensive research, we have designed 3 Tailor made programs each for SMEs/Business Owners and Students that shall suit their needs.

For SMEs/Business Owners:-

“Live & Inspire” -  Focuses on the behavioral changes needed in the Team to look at opportunities in a bigger perspective. A life changing program that would help Team members look at the larger picture.

“Sell Well” – Is the Kickass program that enables your Sales Team to develop and deliver that required result with razor sharp focus on execution and the sales techniques.

“KALM Sutra”- Is the high end program for Business owners/Top Executives that helps them recoup/refresh/rejuvenate to start looking things from a fresh angle and perspective.

For Students :-

“Stepping Stone” – A thought out program to help 1st year students in the College find their roots and purpose. Focuses on Energy Management to ensure that the mindset is conditioned well in advance to face the adverse future.

“Raise the Bar” – In the middle of the college, choosing your career becomes vital to a blossoming future.  This program helps to learn and develop the required skill set, seeds in mind of the student the caliber he has and to build on it.

“College to Culture” – Those lovely days come to an end and drive the grown up students to a new culture. A culture that they will imbibe forever. This program helps them with the tools to face the world starting from preparing for interviews to behavior at a work place.

About Prasanna Venkatesan

Converting Hopeless Ends to Endless Hope is the purpose of his life. With 24 years of rich experience backing across various domains, this Digipreneur is on a mission to transform the lives of “A Million People by impacting them to bring in a Positive Change in their Mindset & Outlook”

Every Program has been designed with lot of conviction expecting the needs of the people who would attend. He firmly believes that every person has a lot of potential and it has to be unleashed by kindling their energy.


3 Week Challenge

From a consistent effort and discipline, habits get formed. Such habits define a great person and differentiates them from rest of the world. 3 Week challenge helps anyone to shape up their thoughts into positive manner by making them to attend this class from 5AM to 6AM for a period of 3 week continuously. This very first habit of early morning rise is going to be the 1st step towards a great life.


Live Life

This is a life awareness program reiterating the  purpose of life. Life traits are explained in a simple way and it will make one realize how simple things go unnoticed in our daily hustle. In the program, the purpose of life is defined in such a way that one can get relieved of the stress and tensions that gets created due to regular routine. Live Life is a program that will rejuvenate your mind and will direct you towards happiness. It is conducted for 5 days in a week from 8PM to 9PM. A positive frame of mind can change the complete outlook in our life. Join and enjoy life. One Life.. Make it Count..


Online Classes

Classes shall happen online daily and the relevant content will be shared with the participants for reference.


People who can participate and get benefited

Anyone above 16 years of age and has the intent to shape up their life into a meaningful one.

For Students – It helps them to get razor sharp focus to tune their thinking to look at the larger picture.

For Entrepreneurs – It assists them with enablers to look at life in a different perspective and powers them with the skill of problem solving and decision making

For Office Goers/Field Workers/Sales & Marketing Fraternity – It boosts their morale and empowers them with confidence to face challenges and overcome it. It helps them understand to “Live the Moment”

For the ones Back Home – Get more out of life. Get your wings to spread. Get ready to add more value

For the Rest of the World – Join and witness the better version of YOU…

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